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Debbie Kim

Debbie Kim (b. 1994) is a Korean painter currently residing in Seoul, South Korea.

The artist's pseudonym "Debbie" derives from the phonetic rendering of two Chinese characters, "對非," which can be interpreted as "No object." Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Art History along with Fine Arts, Kim embraces the belief that art transcends temporal and cultural boundaries, forging an intimate connection with the essence of human existence. Influenced by both Eastern and Western religions and philosophies, her artistic expression draws inspiration from a diverse array of art forms and symbols, spanning the rich heritage of landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and compositions steeped in religious art. Her creative aspiration revolves around crafting openings within the realm of objects, beckoning the viewer towards glimpses of uncharted possibilities and the realms that lie beyond. These apertures within her works assume myriad forms, with their manifestations in a constant state of flux, oscillating between the realms of abstraction and figuration.

For the paintings, Debbie’s goal is to portray the equilibrium of the world; ups and downs; inside and outside; practical and abstract; light and dark; splendour and brutality; and death and life. However, her intention is not just to show the opposite. Ultimately, She aims to depict the world before the subject, merging these sharply divided realms.

Debbie’s art merges the concept of construction and deconstruction, a portrayal of the object's existence and hence simultaneous liberation. The medium that she uses as a thin screen through which viewers can access the unnamed world beyond. The recurring visual motifs such as darkness, a door, or a hole symbolises a passage into the unknown. This is also represented as the kinetic force of life spreading up, down, left, and right, or as a black hole that converges in the centre.