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Joy BC

Joy BC (b.1989, UK) is an Artist and Goldsmith working predominantly in noble metals and bronze.

Her works are challenging pre-existing notions of precious materials and are often ingrained in the societal ideals of western female bodies in sculpture. Joy BC plays with mythologies and re-examines the fascination of the ‘Classicism’.

Using ancient techniques, she creates work which is evocative of both ancient Greek and Roman art. Yet, what Joy creates is an artful manipulation of form and narratives which make the pieces magnificently modern. The body of work ‘Deconstructed Classics’ are quite literally a deconstruction of western classical sculpture.

Joy’s work has been described as both wearable artwork and miniature sculpture. The work is emotive, socially and politically loaded. Each piece carved into existence stands to commemorate something or someone, to hero an emotion, a moment or theory.

Joy, a native of London, was profoundly influenced from an early age by the artistry of her parents – her mother, a painter and lithographer, her father, a sculptor. Joy’s art education focused intensively on painting, drawing and carving, enhanced by a profound appreciation of art within historical and social contexts.