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Sam Creasey

Sam Creasey (b. 1993) is a British artist originally from Maidstone and now working in London. He is graduate of MA Painting 2020 at the Royal College of Art is part of the college’s collection upon their recent acquisition of Night Shift (2022). His paintings explore the synthesis distinctly British populaces have with their built surroundings and their contributing socio-political inclinations.

The art of Sam Creasey emerges as a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between human emotion and the surrounding architecture, infrastructure, and socio-political systems. Through a distinctive blend of painting and ceramics, Creasey delves into the enigmatic realms of construction, gentrification, alienation, and British politics, weaving distinct narratives that are at once jaded and surreal.

Central to Creasey's artistic vision is the city; a vast and complex organism shaped by the collective dreams and desires of its inhabitants. His uncanny representational imagery mirrors the omnipotent and jagged textures of the metropolis's physical form. With an innate ability to capture the competing forces of this central municipality, it’s hinterland and rural neighbouring spaces, Creasey's work offers a visceral experience which is at once positive whilst also maintaining a gloom and sense of foreboding.

The creative journey is deeply rooted in his experiences beyond the realm of the studio. Drawing inspiration from his background in delivery logistics, he embarks on a psycho geographical adventure, traversing both the labyrinthine arteries of the city and the antithetical localities of rural and country spaces like that of where he grew up. His artworks are imbued with temporal narratives that seek out surviving idiosyncratic relics amidst the relentless tide of homogenization that engulfs contemporary London where he is based. Each piece encapsulates a moment in time, frozen in vibrant colour and striking texture, inviting the viewer to contemplate the layers of history, culture, and emotion that reside within the UK.