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Taku Obata

Taku Obata (b.1980, Saitama, Japan) where he is currently based. In 1999, he formed the hip-hop dance crew Unityselections and refined his style of breakdancing through live performances.

Taku Obata is an artist who produces spatial installations that take "b-boying" (hip-hop style) as their theme and consist of 3D works. His own identity as a b-boy who does break-dancing is a major foundation of his art. His actual-size b-boy wooden statues look as if they are ready to break into some powerful dance moves at any moment. Rendered in dynamic poses and somewhat amusing in appearance, they enjoy widespread popularity inside and outside Japan.

Obata has been making big strides as an artist. He took the grand prize at the Tokyo Wonder Wall Contest 2008 (in the category of 3D works and installations) in 2008 and staged a solo exhibition in New York in 2014.