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Zhou Xinyu

Zhou Xinyu (b.1997 in Lanxi, Zhejiang) now living and working in Hangzhou. Graduated from the Animation Department of China Academy of Art with a bachelor's degree in 2019. She is currently studying a master's degree in the third studio of the Printmaking Department of the Chinese Academy of Arts. Zhou Xinyu's early art practice was mediated by animation and digital painting. Recently, she prefers to use comprehensive materials as the main medium in her works.

Zhou Xinyu's creations revolve around personal experiences and public events. However, she doesn't directly translate these experiences into
imagery but instead draws from the emotions that arise from them. She draws inspiration from distorted images and fragments of light and shadow, focusing on the vulnerability of real life and the fleetingness of many things. The characters in her artwork often embody a sense of detachment from the real world, where stagnant emotions intertwine with a calm gaze. She sees painting as a way to pose questions to the real world.