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20 June, 2023 — 13 August, 2023

Co-presented by THE SHOPHOUSE and Schoeni Projects, DOOR TO DOOR, the artist residency will be hosted in Hong Kong and London in the summer of 2023, with participating artists Szelit Cheung and Olga Grotova. The residency programme is developed as a cultural exchange between artists based in Hong Kong and the UK, and aims to encourage artistic exchange and knowledge production.

During their time in residence across Hong Kong and London, artists are provided with a studio space and time to research their project visions and develop new work, whilst establishing a broad network and connections among the local audience, organisations and practitioners of diverse disciplines and backgrounds. A door and a work of art, two things that may seem unrelated, but both function as an entrance - to a building or the mind of an artist.

DOOR TO DOOR, a tripartite conversation between artists, audience, and space. Each artist occupies a designated floor space for three weeks, where they will create a unique work in response to their surroundings. The exhibition aims to facilitate active observations and meaningful dialogue within the community. The open studio of DOOR TO DOOR aims to delve into each artist’s creative processes whilst simultaneously displacing them from their accustomed creative environments.

An interactive experience blurring the intimate relationship between artists, audience and gallery. The exhibition takes place after our open studio, act as a celebration and showcase of the on-site works created by the artists.