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Fine Art Asia 2022

In Fine Art Asia 2022, THE SHOPHOUSE is pleased to showcase ‘THE WORLD’ series by Chinese artist Zhao Zhao, latest pottery firing by British ceramicist Steve Harrison and masterpiece jewellery by British goldsmith, Joy BC.

In a world of what could have been; a world in which intuition precedes text. In ‘THE WORLD’, the latest series from Zhao Zhao, painting leaves viewers the space to imagine and question. By applying salt in the firing kiln, salt-glaze creates a unique orange-peel-like pattern on the surface. Steve Harrison’s ceramics play with materials and temperatures, challenging the limits of traditional pottery. In the past, goldsmiths used to create silverware, platters and decorative utensils. Utilising the ancient craft, Joy BC’s jewellery is between art and wearable sculptures, reminiscing the past in today’s world.