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Supper Club

25 March, 2024 — 30 March, 2024

THE SHOPHOUSE is pleased to present Ben Edmunds, Dony Cheng Hung, Sebastian Burger and Victor Seaward at Supper Club between 25 - 30 March 2024 at Fringe Club. Supper Club is a new week-long event in Hong Kong that is a hybrid between an alternative art fair, a third space to gather, and a hub for engagement with contemporary art. Co-organised with the historic heritage site Fringe Club, the event will take place during Hong Kong’s art week and features presentations by international and local galleries, performances, talks, and more. Extended nighttime hours invites visitors to explore interconnected spaces and linger.

Ben Edmunds (b. 1994, Norwich, UK) is concerned with the materiality and process of painting itself. His abstract works are the final product of a digital process of rearranging and editing forms in an effort to lay bare the space between the many layers that make up an otherwise two-dimensional painting. He positions his paintings to employ a variety of techniques associated with craft and domestic arts, such as tie-dye, embroidery and stenciling within the traditional structures of hard-edged and color field abstraction.

Sebastian Burger’s (b. 1980) practice walks a fine line between representative and abstract painting. The starting point for his work consists of stylised imagery, often composed in a manner akin to collage, alternating precisely executed illusionism with two-dimensional representation. His work bears the influence of the legacy of surrealism and magic realism, as well as the metaphysical painting of Giorgio de Chirico, who has become a centre of interest for a strong current of the emerging generation of young artists.

Victor Lim Seaward (b. 1988, Kuala Lumpur) is an artist living and working in London. His work is rooted in materiality, technological manufacture, and the agency of objects. Mining a broad spectrum of material culture, Seaward juxtaposes utilitarian materials with high-tech manufactured components and objects of historical significance - in order to investigate authorship, commodity, and the fluid nature of time and permanence.

Dony Cheng Hung (b. 1993) lives and works in Hong Kong. Predominantly works with acrylic and charcoal, Dony transforms familiar sights of cityscape into simple blocks of monotone colour with various shades, exploring the subtle variations. Often inspired by daily sceneries in her neighbourhood, the everyday objects are teleported to an alienated and unfamiliar background, juxtaposing the reality with the imagined. In recent years, her endeavours extend into installation and moving images, immersing into the artificial landscape in a three-dimensional space.