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Global Citizens – Asia

24 February, 2023 — 15 March, 2023

THE SHOPHOUSE is pleased to present Global Citizens - Asia, co-curating with Hypeart, a contemporary art platform, a group exhibition to spotlight and celebrate the works of Asian emerging artist across the globe. The exhibition will feature pieces from 14 artists to showcase a collective forecast into the futurist implications of portraiture.

Global Citizens-Asia will be featuring the new, myriad forms of portraiture that reflect today’s societal attitudes. Prior to the invention of photography, portraiture is a unique record of one’s life and emotions through painted, sculpted or drawn portraits. Hypeart and THE SHOPHOUSE has co-curated a lineup of portraiture artworks from emerging Asian artists from Amsterdam, Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo and Xuzhou.

Based in Hangzhou, Zhou Xinyu ’s visceral portraiture of real-life figures stem from ephemeral moments she has experienced. Working through a muted palette, the artist draws inspiration from subjects in fleeting surroundings—evoking feelings of alienation while touching on the impermanence of human life through rough brushstrokes and gestural distortions. ¥ouada’s works, which include paintings and installations, frequently feature familiar images from everyday life, such as nostalgic cartoon characters, fashion brands, video games, and TV programs. He explores the concept of forced co-branding in his art, examining the intersection of his own identity with that of youth, street, and other cultural scene.

The full lineup of artists at the exhibition include Auto Moai, Éi Kaneko, Gwen Hollingsworth, Lee Jaeheon, Natisa Jones, Nobody Here, Shih Yung - Chun, Wang Qingyuan, Xue Ruozhe, Yang Du, ¥ouada, Yutaka Watanabe, Zhang Haoyan and Zhou Xinyu.